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Apr 8, 2014

Bakersfield Campdraft Ca

Bakersfield Campdraft CA

David Wilson Campdraft CA
David Wilson

We have a double interview on today's show.  First, from Australia, David Wilson winner of over 200 open Campdraft events and is the chairman of the Australian Stock Horse Society.  David will be coming to Bakersfield May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to hold a Campdraft Clinic followed by a competition.  As Campdrafting is relatively new to the United States, it is important to learn about the sport and how it is scored and judged.  Then, once we have an idea of what we are doing we can go at it in live competition.

John Thomson, a breeder of Australian Stock Horses is one of the organizers and a driving force behind Bakersfield Campdraft CA.  John's group has teamed up with Rancho Rio Stables to have a weekend of extracurricular events including perhaps a Stock Horse Time Trial.  There is a stock whip demonstration scheduled.  David Wilson will give us pointers on how to crack the whip.  (John & I collaborated to produce a video on YouTube on how to introduce a horse to the stock whip)Food vendors and western and horse venders will have their wares on display for people to shop and enjoy.  The competition will provide buckles and a saddle to the winner.  There are also scheduled to be saddle blankets and other prizes available to competitors.  Honor Flight and Wounded Heroes will be on site and will benefit from the proceeds from the event.

Australian Stock Horse SocietyAnd we are very please that the Australian Stock Horse Society sponsored this podcast.


Ride in to the Sunset

Keeping up with the Australian theme of this week's podcast, I have a book review.  Well, sort of.  It's my review of the Spring Downunder Horsemanship product catalog.

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