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Apr 1, 2014

Ride for Cause

Don Funke Riding4Creation

Episode #021ride for cause

The are many types of activists and activism.  I've always admired people who, believing in a cause, act on that belief.  On today's show we talk to a man who will ride for a cause, Dr. Don Funke of Bozeman Montana. Don is preparing for a 1200 mile ride on horseback to bring awareness to environmental and social concerns affecting the west. Don feels quite passionate about his life in the west and calls this a pilgrimage he feels compelled to make. I won't try and go into the motivations here for his ride.  It's better you visit Don's website Riding4Creation .org and see for yourself.  Don is planning on leaving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Bozeman, Montana on the back of a horse.  On the show we'll talk about the details it takes to ride for 1200 miles, his horses, and equipment, and how you can help if you like.  Don is planning on leaving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Bozeman, Montana on the back of a horse.  He will be relying on the kindness of people along the trail as well as sharing his concerns about the American West.

My Parting Shot

And, we'll have a childhood memory I share in my Ride Into The Sunset.  Most people tell the story of how great their first experience with horses happen to be.  Mine involved much grumbling, a little yelling, and near disaster.

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