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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Feb 14, 2012

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary.  Yes, we got married on Valentine's Day.  We have a great relationship.  I can barely form a thought, yet when I suggested we start a podcast, she said "Let's go for it."  That's why I love her.

We usually try to get our trailer serviced at the beginning of the year.  It's sits more during the winter months and we want it ready to go when the weather gets nice and the days are longer. 

Since the clouds were threatening we thought it best to have a groundwork day.  We took the opportunity to re-visit some of the exercises from the Natural Horsemanship playday a few weeks ago.  While the sprinkles came and went, it never rained hard enough to chase us inside and it was a nice, long workout.

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