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Sep 5, 2017

Spring Creek Basin Mustangs with TJ Holmes

Spring Creek Basin Mustangs

TJ Holmes has been visiting the Spring Creek Basin Mustangs since 2002.  In 2007, she began documenting the herd.  She is essentially the herd's historian.  She keeps track of births, deaths, band structure and so much more.  If something happens in the Spring Creek Basin Mustang herd, TJ Holmes has probably documented it.

Working as a volunteer for the BLM, TJ Holmes acts as an advocate for the Spring Creek Basin Mustangs.  Because she knows the horses so well and on an individual basis, she is an integral part of the herd management.  TJ implements the herd's PZP program on the Spring Creek Basin Mustangs.  PZP is a birth control protocol that has kept the Mustang levels at a manageable level. Much of the PZP methods used on Mustangs was taught to TJ by her mentor, Jay Kirkpatrick of the Science and Conservation Center.

Wild Horse Organizations and Resources

Friends of the Mustangs

Mustang Heritage Foundation

Horses of the Little Book Cliffs

Become a BLM Volunteer


TJ Holmes Photography

As an accomplished photographer, TJ chronicles the progress of the Spring Creek Basin mustangs on her blog, SpringCreekBasinMustangs.

Best Horse Practices Summit

Horse Summit

Ranae and I are headed to Durango in October for the Best Horse Practices Summit.  This intimate horse expo brings together experts from all aspects of horse behavior and is sure to add to our horse knowledge.  The BHP Summit is limiting attendance to 200 people ensuring everyone gets the focus and attention they need.  We are looking to take away valuable horsemanship tools from the Summit and hope to meet you there.  You can register here.


Tell Us Your Problems

Have a problem with your horse?  Do you have a favorite trainer you would like to hear from?  Send us your question and the name of your favorite trainer and we'll see if we can contact them and get you an answer.  Email or call on our message line (661) 368-5530 (toll charges may apply).