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Oct 19, 2021

horse show judging

AQHA Horse Show Judging with Patti Carter

If there are no judges, there are no horse shows. The judge can make or break a horse show experience. Because they are essential to competition, I thought it would be good to talk with an experienced judge. Patti Carter is the Senior Director of Judges at the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Assn.). AQHA certifies over 800 judges and Patti oversees them all. She is in charge of educational programs, testing programs, and monitoring judges' performances. In this interview, Patti walks us through her experience growing up in a horse family and learning to judge horses. She tells us about her association with the AQHA, and her duties and responsibilities with horse show judging.

As I compete in different Ranch Class shows, I'm impressed with the knowledge these judges possess. They not only know the rules, but they are very in tune with the horses and riders. Every judge I've come in contact with has been pleasant and informative when explaining the rules. The more horse shows I go to, the more I appreciate horse show judging.

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Episode #191

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