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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Sep 26, 2017

Bill Mooney cowboyed on the some of the biggest ranches in the Great Basin.  He began at the Circle A, then was a buckaroo for the Spanish Ranch as he worked for Bill Kane, the notable cow boss for the Spanish Ranch.  He learned the ropes and worked the ranches in the 70's.  Bill Mooney has cowboy stories to tell.  You can find him on Facebook here: Bill Mooney.

Check out some of his stories and you will be hooked.  Now in his 60's, Bill still cowboys for local ranches.  I was surprised to learn he still helps out at branding.  While it's a little tougher flanking a cow, it sounds like Bill takes his turn at the groundwork.

It's my hope Bill Mooney will share more of his stories on the podcast.  It's great hearing them for the guy who has lived them.  We hope you enjoy this episode of the Whoa Podcast.  We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Best Horse Practices Summit

Horse SummitRanae and I are headed to Durango in October for the Best Horse Practices Summit.  This intimate horse expo brings together experts from all aspects of horse behavior and is sure to add to our horse knowledge.  The BHP Summit is limiting attendance to 200 people ensuring everyone gets the focus and attention they need.  We are looking to take away valuable horsemanship tools from the Summit and hope to meet you there.  You can register here.


Tell Us Your Problems

Have a problem with your horse?  Do you have a favorite trainer you would like to hear from?  Send us your question and the name of your favorite trainer and we'll see if we can contact them and get you an answer.  Email or call on our message line (661) 368-5530 (toll charges may apply).