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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Nov 7, 2017

Catching Up With Sam Finden

Sam Finden was on the show a few years ago after he published his first book, Saddle My Good Horse.  Sam is a good guy and we hit it off immediately.  He writes what he knows - horses, hunting, and living in the country.  An avid fan of the outdoors, Sam is loving life in Montana.

A lot has happened in the almost two years Sam has been on the show and I wanted to catch up with our friend.  Sam has married and written two more books - Lone Wolf and Big Cat Challenge since we last spoke.  Part of a series, the books deal with life in the wilderness and have a Christian influence.  If you're looking for good winter reading or a Christmas gift for someone special, I urge you to check out Sam's books.

The Freelance Remuda Podcast

Freelance Remuda Podcast

I met Abigail Boatwright at the first event I covered as a freelance writer/photographer in Colorado three years ago.  At the time Abigail was covering the event for the AQHA Journal.  Now, along with friend and freelance writer/photographer Kate Bradley Byers, they produce the Freelance Remuda Podcast.  On the show, they talk about the many aspects of being a freelancer.  There are a lot of great tips, tricks, and information pertinent to anyone wanting to make a living as a freelance journalist.

Because of my experience as a podcaster and a freelancer, the women invited me on the show to talk about my experience.  We add a snippet of that interview in this episode of the Whoa Podcast.  If you are or want to, work as a freelancer, I encourage you to check out the Freelance Remuda Podcast and the Freelance Remuda Facebook Group Page.

Links Heard on the Show

Sam Finden Website

Sam Finden Facebook

Freelance Remuda

Tell Us Your Problems

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