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May 14, 2019

Decision to Have Colic Surgery

Hearing the words colic, navicular, founder, or strangles strike fear into every horse owner.  Colic happens when a horse's intestinal tract gets blocked.  In most cases a vet can open/dissolve/remove the blockage with a variety of different techniques.  When those fail however, one of the few remaining solutions is colic surgery.  Alyssa Severeid had to make the tough decision about whether to have the vet perform colic surgery on her horse.  The surgery is expensive.  Little did Alyssa know the decision wasn't just about the surgery.  The after care was not only hard on her physically, but emotionally.  What would you have done in her shoes?  After you hear her story, would you still do the same thing?

About Alyssa

While we have never met in person, Alyssa and I have known each other through our podcasts.  She produced and hosted the Earn Your Spurs podcast and She Rides to Win podcast.  From Montana, Alyssa grew up around horses.  Her father is a respected trainer.  She knows horses and gives us insights about her horse and his situation you won't find elsewhere.  Our interview gets emotional.  It's easy to see how much this horse meant to Alyssa and why it was important to move forward with the surgery.

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Episode #142