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Oct 29, 2019

Comanche the Horse of Little Big Horn


Janet Barrett wrote a fascinating book about Comanche, the sole surviving horse of the Battle of Little Big Horn,  The story begins with Captain Myles Keogh an Irish immigrant who was a soldier for hire.   After riding for the Pope in Italy, he came to America to fight in the Civil War.  After much research, Janet pieced together the life of Captain Keogh and the story of how he gained Comanche.   Titled, Comanche and his Captain, The Warhorse and the Soldier of Fortune, the book is available on Amazon.

You may remember Janet from a previous podcast about They Called Her Reckless, the story of a Korean Warhorse.  A dedicated author, Janet tells the story of Comanche after delving into volumes of research, stories, and anecdotes about the Battle of Little Bighorn.  Because the only survivors were Indians, the details of the actual battle are often difficult to determine.  That's not to disparage Indian storytellers, only to say that the details they relayed were heard weeks after the actual battle, then passed on through newspaper editors who were trying to sell papers.   But, Janet cuts through all that and lays out a wonderful story of a Mustang horse named Comanche.

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They Called Her Reckless

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