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Feb 9, 2021

Dan Dauphin Talks About Bits and Horses

Dan Dauphin

Dan Dauphin knows the mechanics and physics of bits. Honestly, I put a snaffle in my horse's mouth and don't think little more about it. What goes on in there is a giant mystery to me. Oh, I know that when I pull on the right rein; he goes right. But, I can't really see what's going on down there and can only imagine what's happening in that giant cavern in his head. Dan Dauphin study the build and mechanics of not only the horses' mouth, but the bits and how the two interact. The bit is a communication device. Used with your seat and leg aids, it's how you talk to your horse.

Dan breaks everything down in a video session titled "More than a Bit of Information". ( Dan spent 6 months researching the information in this video. He talked to equine dentists, veterinarians, and other specialists learning the variety of ways bits exert pressure to send signals.

Building a Better Horse

The more time I spend around horses, the more I want to become a better rider for my horse. This takes effort. Sometimes it means researching videos and trainers to find an answer. Sometimes it requires setting long-held beliefs aside and be open to new ideas. It's difficult and embarrassing to analyze your riding looking for ways to improve. When something goes wrong, many riders are too quick to blame the horse. I encourage you to take advantage of knowledgeable trainers like Dan. Look at the information he provides and decide what is right for you and your horse.

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