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Sep 29, 2020

Devils Garden Mustangs with Laura Snell

Devils Garden Mustangs

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Laura Snell knows a lot about the Devils Garden Mustangs and their Herd Management Area.  She is a Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor for Modoc County.  Laura works with the US Forest Service helping with research and management of the herd. I thought the BLM managed the wild mustangs, then learned several agencies involved.  The Devils Garden is on Forest Service Land and is the largest herd managed by the Forest Service.  There are approximately 2,000-2,500 horses on this land.  While this is by some estimates 10 times the amount of horse than the area can sustain, not that long ago that 4,000 horses roamed this area.

Devils Garden Mustangs have roamed this land for over 100 years.  The horses are from ranches that occupied neighboring areas.  The area was a source for Calvary horses, and they introduced some draft horse bloodlines.  They are sure-footed, stockier horses that are used to living in a rough environment.

We've produced many episodes about mustang and mustang programs.  Joe Misner uses mustangs as part of a wild horse program in a Sacramento Correctional Program. Spring Creek Basin Mustangs have TJ Holmes to administer PZP to maintain population control.  If you're interested in more stories about mustangs, please check out those podcasts.

Links to the Devils Garden Mustangs

Forest Service Devils Garden Site


Fall in Love with a Devils Garden Mustang

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