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Aug 29, 2023

Discovering Estancia Ranquilco: A Conversation with Tom Carrithers

The Magic of Estancia Ranquilco

Estancia Ranquilco

Hidden away in the vast landscapes of western Argentina lies a gem: Estancia Ranquilco. Managed by T.A. Tom Carrithers, this ranch promises unparalleled adventures in its sprawling 100,000 acres. I reached out to Tom to explore more.

Journey with Tom Carrithers

Tom's connection with Ranquilco is deep-rooted. At age ten, he began exploring this land when his father, Ashley Carrithers, bought it. Tom knows the ranch well from these expeditions. He now manages the place, ensuring everything runs smoothly from December to March.

Upcoming Events and Adventures

For those seeking an exceptional experience, February 2024 promises something special. Our friends, Cristobal and Flor Scarpati, will conduct a clinic. Therefore, if you're keen on joining, mark your calendar. Or you can simply embark on your own journey, exploring the vast terrains and rivers.


Estancia Ranquilco isn't just a ranch; it's a narrative of nature, adventure, and legacy. So, whether you're eager for an adventurous retreat or simply want to bask in the beauty of Argentina, Ranquilco awaits.

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