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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Apr 14, 2015

Doug Williamson Champion Trainer 

Doug WilliamsonReined cow horse and working cow horses have always been a big mystery to me.  I've watched a couple of competitions, even photographed a few.  The things these cowboys have their horses do are amazing.  In Bakersfield, where this podcast is based, we have a very special trainer.  Doug Williamson is 73.  He has been around horses and cows his entire life.  From riding Thoroughbred racehorses at age 10 to winning the Snaffle Bit Futurity TWICE!  Doug Williamson is an AQHA Professional Horseman having trained 42 AQHA Champions.  Doug has also won a million dollars in National Reined Cow Horse and is a Hall of Fame Rider.  Although Doug Williamson specializes in Reined Cow Horses now, he has done just about everything you can imagine from the back of a horse.  He was a pretty good team roper for quite some time.

When I called Doug Williamson to ask for an interview, he graciously agreed and invited me to his ranch just south of town.  Doug has a great facility and a lot of horses in training.  Not only did I get a great interview, I got to watch him work three of his prospects.  Throughout the whole process Doug was giving me hints and tips about how to become a better horseman.

Doug Williamson will be featured in an upcoming documentary about Reined Cow Horses called Down the Fence.  I sat down with Doug in his office surrounded by wonderful photos of all the champion horses he has trained.  He give us a little bit about the story of his life and I even get him to offer some horsemanship tips.

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Episode #057

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