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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Aug 1, 2017

Doug Williamson Legendary Trainer

Doug WilliamsonIt's been a busy summer and in listening to some of the old shows, I came across this interview with Doug Williamson in 2015.  Doug was 73 at the time.  Now, he's 75 and he's like an Energizer Bunny.  He just keeps going and going!  Doug has trained 42 AQHA champions.  He's been a horseback nearly all his life.

It's one of the best parts of doing the podcast, I got to watch Doug work and ride a couple of horses, then he took a break.  We sat in his office surrounded by plaques, ribbons, trophies, and newspaper clippings.  Doug was proud of the things he has accomplished on a horse.  Doug has trained 42 AQHA champions.  But, he was also generous with his time and patiently answered some of my personal questions about horse training.  This interview with Doug Williamson remains one of my favorites.

Meeting Up with New Friends

Doug WilliamsonThere's a horsemanship group called Golden State Horsemanship Club.  We had met up with some of the members when they hold their annual equestrian get-together at the Bar SZ Ranch Memorial Day Weekend.  (We experienced it three times and I would encourage you to check it out.)  Mike and Cynthia were embarking from Northern California for a 2-week horse vacation.  They are podcast listeners and wanted to stop over in Bakersfield and check out some of our riding areas.  It was great to get to ride with them and show off just a few of the wonderful places we get to ride.  We took them out to Ethel's Old Corral and shared lunch and a beer.  Good times.