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Nov 16, 2021

Dust n' Diamonds Mounted Drill Team

Dust n' Diamonds Mounted Drill Team

Today, we are out at Rancho Rio Equestrian Center with the leaders of the local equestrian drill team, Dust n' Diamonds Mounted Drill Team. Shawna Pendley is the choreographer and drill master and Marilyn Morphis, “Mo”, is her eyes on the ground. On a side-note — we are outside the main arena before the drill team practice. There’s traffic, planes and even fire engines that tried to invade our interview. Trying to get good sound was definitely challenging. I handled the sound duties and enlisted, (more like drafted), Ranae for interview duties. The three women did an outstanding job.

Dust n' Diamonds Mounted Drill Team has performed at rodeos, fairs, and special events for nearly 30 years. The team competes at the big drill team competition in Reno. If you’ve ever seen an equestrian drill team, you’re going to love this behind-the-scenes look at the Dust n' Diamonds Equestrian Drill Team. Could you hear how much Shawna & Mo love this team? Their energy is infectious. And what a wonderful, safe place they provide women to have fun with their horses.

 If you would like to help - either financially, to ride or otherwise - contact Mo at (661) 549-1289. I’ll have links, photos and more information at Whoa Podcast dot com. 

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Dust n' Diamonds Mounted Drill Team Facebook Page

Looking to help. Contact Marilyn Morphis at (661) 549-1289.

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Episode #193

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