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May 2, 2017

Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding with Our Friends Paul and Dona

Endurance Riding?  How did we get here?  I love following leads wherever they go.  It's not an admirable trait, I know, but I can't help it.  Keith Swenson had me envisioning myself riding a horse across the Mongolian Steppe in an episode a month ago.  Then, a listener suggested we interview Tim Finley about his experience in the Mongol Derby.  During that conversation, Tim told us how he got into endurance riding and what a great sport it was.  While we thought a hundred miles was way farther than we wanted to go in one stretch on a horse, Tim explained there were also "limited distance" and "beginner" rides.

Next, Ranae and I were discussing the episodes and she suggested we talk to our friends, Dona and Paul Schilling, about their endurance riding experience.  What a great idea!  We knew Dona and Paul had been doing long rides for some time and would be an excellent source of information.

So, we're going to take a break this week from the professional trainers and clinicians, (although they've been fun, haven't they?) and we talk with regular horse folks.  Paul and Dona stable their horses at a local stable, have day jobs and deal with horses just like most of the listeners of this show.  They offer a "real-life" perspective on endurance riding.  We discuss equipment, what it takes to condition the horse and what it takes to condition the rider.  And, they talk about some of the common pitfalls beginning riders fall victim to.  They even share a few of their own.

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AERC American Endurance Riding Conference

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