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Jul 13, 2021

Equine Emergency Preparedness

Equine Emergency Preparedness

Equine emergency preparedness is so not a glamorous topic. And, it doesn't matter if you live in California with our fires and earthquakes (there was a 3.0 last night) or in the Midwest, or in a different country. Bad things will happen. No one wants to think about the disaster that may happen. No one wants to picture what will happen to their horse if they are unprepared. But as powerful as horses are, they can be extremely fragile in many situations. In past episodes, we've talked to veterinarians about medical emergencies. We talked to people at Large Animal Technical Rescue. On today's show, we talk to Julie Atwood about Equine Emergency Preparedness.


It's a good thing that people like Julie Atwood of the are out there. Julie thinks of all the things that could go haywire and develops lists and strategies to lessen their impact. The Halter Project began in 2013 as a grassroots effort to help people better prepare for both disasters and emergencies. I took this from the Halter Project's mission statement:

FIRST RESPONDER ANIMAL AWARENESS & RESPONSE: HALTER Project provides support to first responders for training and equipment to assist animals in emergencies.

INDIVIDUAL & COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS: The HALTER Project is committed to inspiring and enabling individual and community preparedness for people and their animals.

I encourage to check out the links and build a plan to protect your horse and other pets.

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