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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Jan 27, 2015

EquitrekkingEquitrekking Talking Travel with Darley Newman

Darley Newman has carved out a career we would all love to have.  She travels to exotic and faraway places AND she get to ride horses.  While that sounds like a whole lot of fun and games, there can be some harrowing experiences, like the time she was charged by an elephant!  Today we meet up with travel expert Darley Newman.  Darley is the producer and host of the Emmy award winning Equitrekking show on PBS.  Her program showcases some of the best places to experience horses around the globe.  Her websites and help people find exceptional horse vacations all across the country and around the world.

Equitrekking grew out of a love of travel and horses.  Darley maintains a travel blog where readers are treated to her well-written articles about the places she has traveled.  Always full of great horse stories and wonderful adventures, the Equitrekking website can help you find a great place to travel for a unique equestrian experience.

You can also find Darley Newman at these links:

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Welcome to the Whoa Podcast about Horses and Horsemanship.   I am your host  John Harrer.  Each week on the show we talk about some aspect of owning a horse.  It could be feeding or supplementation.  It could be bits and bridles, tack, or cowboy boots.  We cover training problems, or competing in shows.  We talk about farriers and horse chiropracters.  And we travel to places we think you would like to take your horse.   That’s what the Whoa Podcast is all about.

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Episode #046