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May 6, 2014

Evidence Based Horsemanship with Martin Black

Episode #025Evidence Based Horsemanship

Evidence Based Horsemanship

Have you ever wondered if there was a good time to train on your horse?  If so, I think you will enjoy this podcast about Evidence Based Horsemanship.  At the recent Horseman's Re-Union in Paso Robles, Ca,  I caught up with clinician and horse trainer Martin Black.  Martin has co-authored a book with on this subject with Dr. Stephen Peters.  While I have not read the book, other than the excerpts on Amazon, it is apparent that there are two aspects to this concept.  One is the scientific physiology the horse goes through in the training process.  I hope to get into the details of this with Dr. Peters in a future podcast.

Evidence Based HorsemanshipThe other side of the concept is the practical, hands-on, nuts and bolts of what's happening in the training process from a highly experienced trainer - Martin Black.  Martin walks us through a couple of examples I witnessed on evidence based horsemanship that happened during the colt starting process.  He also goes into how this understanding of what the horse is going through while in learning mode, can help you achieve better results with your horse.  Evidence based horsemanship looks at the horse from a completely different angle.  When you learn the mechanics of the learning process, you can become more efficient with it.

Harris Stage Lines

Wandering around the Mid-State Fairgrounds checking out the vendors and exhibits, I came across Tommy Harris.  Tom owns Harris Stage Lines and owns a real stagecoach.  It's beautiful!  He also has a chuck wagon.  Tommy talks to us about the history of the old west and what an important role these wagons played in our countries expansion.  You also get a little of the sounds of the cowboy cookout music going on right next to Tommy's exhibit.Harris Stage Lines

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