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Dec 19, 2017

FJ Thomas Returns

Jewel Thomas releases her 2nd children's book, Pedro's Problemo.

children's books

FJ "Jewel" Thomas is an avid horsewoman, an author of both novels and children's books, and a wonderful friend of the Whoa Podcast.  We spoke with FJ after the release of her first novel, Lost Betrayal, nearly two years ago.   Since then she has written two children's books, a couple of more novels, and is working on a screenplay.  Her latest children's book, Pedro's Problemo, is illustrated by a ten-year-old.  It's a cool little story for kids.

Because FJ has been around horses her entire life, her stories include details about horses and horsemanship that are accurate and realistic.  She writes what she knows - horses.

In addition to her other endeavors, FJ continues to bring awareness of women's issues with her blog Cowgirls with Curves.  Her site offers tips for women in horsemanship, fitness, diet, and exercise.  She is very aware of the motivation some women need to pursue their horsemanship goals.

And, FJ Thomas is an avid horsewoman.  She rides. competes, offers clinics, and is a judge in the show world.  I'm not sure how she finds time for everything.  This girl has a motor and is an inspiration.

Links Heard on the FJ Thomas Podcast

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