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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Dec 2, 2014

Holiday Horse Gifts

holiday horse giftsOkay, you have got the person on your gift list that loves horses.  What do you get them?  Sure, they will always need a new brush or mane de-tangler, but why not get them something useful?  On today's show we take a look at some very useful gift ideas.

First, we have Rebecca Didier from Trafalgar Square Books and  Rebecca offers five different books tailored for almost any rider.  The books are:

  1. The Art of Liberty Training for Horses
  2. How Good Riders Get Good
  3. Tex
  4. Building a Life Together—You and Your Horse
  5. The Riding Doctor

Each one of these books his rich in illustration and gives you information about how to be a better horseman and how to improve your riding.  For those cold winter months when you can't be out at the barn, you can still be working on your skills.

Holiday Horse GiftsDo you have someone looking for a little hardware?  Listen in as Ed Jessup from Case Cutlery joins us and talks a little horses and then tells us about the selection of Case pocket knives that would be perfect for anyone on your list.  Personally, I was fascinated when he was describing the Equestrian's Pocket Knife: a handy knife with a hoof pick tool built right into the knife.

Case has been making knives for over a hundred years.  They are still manufactured right here in the United States. This would be a gift that you could carry for many years to come.  Case also has a wide assortment of handles available in a bunch of colors.  Ed tells me they even make some pink ones.  Check them out.  Ed suggests that if you are looking online you may want to check out Shepards Hill Cutlery Online.


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Episode #039