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Aug 15, 2023

Horse Fly Spray Solution: 'Stop Buggn' 

Introduction to Michele Navarro

Horse Fly Spray

Are you on the hunt for an effective horse fly spray? Look no further. Today, we're spotlighting Michele Navarro, an expert in the horse world and an innovator in the realm of horse fly spray solutions. Besides running a diverse ranch in Gilroy, California, Michele faces a problem common to many: the persistent nuisance of flies.

Why 'Stop Buggn' is the Horse Fly Spray You Need

It's not just any fly spray; it's a horse fly spray that prioritizes the well-being of your animal. Why should 'Stop Buggn' be your go-to fly spray? Firstly, it boasts natural ingredients, ensuring no harmful chemicals touch your horses. Secondly, unlike many other fly sprays, this one comes with a pleasant aroma. Most importantly, after using it for two weeks, I can attest to its effectiveness.

Benefits of Choosing 'Stop Buggn' Horse Fly Spray

Given the plethora of horse fly sprays on the market, why choose 'Stop Buggn'?

  1. Natural Ingredients: Many horse fly sprays have overpowering chemical scents. 'Stop Buggn', however, is an exception with its natural composition and pleasant smell.
  2. Cost-Effective: For those skeptical about the often high costs of organic products, this fly spray won't strain your budget.
  3. Support Local: Opting for 'Stop Buggn' means supporting a local business. Michele operates not far from Bakersfield, making it feel like supporting a community member.

Final Thoughts

This episode might come across as promotional, but it's rare for me to champion products. 'Stop Buggn' isn't just any product; it's a fly spray that genuinely delivers. So, if flies are causing havoc in your barn, consider Stop Buggn. And for more insights, swing by Whoa Podcast.

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