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Jul 9, 2019

horse racing fatalities

Horse Racing Fatalities - A Candid Conversation with Journalist Natalie Voss

If you listen to or watch the news, you have seen the stories about the horse racing fatalities at Santa Anita this year.  The number reached 30.  Some horses died on the practice track, while some of them died while racing.  They write the stories leading us to believe there has been a spike in horse racing fatalities this year.  The New York Times did a story pointing a finger at the new track owners.  The article examined if the owner coerced trainers into racing horses before they were ready.

Earlier in the season as people looked for answers, an article in the Paulick Report, and racing magazine, journalist Natalie Voss looked into the possibility that the drug bisphosphonate was a factor.

Jeff Goertzen of the Southern California News Group wrote a good article explaining horse racing fatalities at Santa Anita (published in the Mercury News June 30. 2019)

Talk to an Expert

Natalie Voss has been a journalist in the equine industry for years.  she is the features editor for the Paulick Report and also has bylines in Chronicle of the Horse, The Horse magazine, The Blood-Horse, Quarter Horse News, American Racehorse among others.  She has won journalism awards for her writing in the racehorse industry.  When I requested an interview, she was quick to respond.  She speaks clearly in a language laypeople can understand.  She has a love of horses and cares about her industry.  Her insights into the horse racing fatalities were invaluable to producing this episode.

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Episode #150

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