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Aug 15, 2017

Horsetown USA Norco Horse Affair

Norco Horse Affair

Do you love horse expos?  There is a new one on the West Coast, the Norco Horse Affair.  Norco is a city in Riverside  County, California that, by city ordinance “shall reflect a desired Western theme”.   In 2006, Norco received a federal trademark to call their home Horsetown USA.   The streets are set up with horse trails.  Storefronts and restaurants have hitching posts and pens for people who ride through town.

Fran Klovstad owns Thrifty Horse in Norco.  She teamed up with Liza Rogers to create the Norco Horse Affair, October 6-8 at the George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center.  They have a full schedule of clinicians, trainers, and presenters for the whole family.  Everything from dressage to western, and trick roping to freestyle and liberty, will be on display.  On Saturday night, October 7, there will be a Ladies Rodeo Night and there are plans for an All American Horse Competition.

The best part is, they are charging $15 for a car load.  So pack up as many friends as you can into one vehicle and plan on a weekend of horses and horsemanship.

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