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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Jun 2, 2020

Jason Irwin Horseman & Clinician

Jason Irwin

Jason Irwin is a horse trainer and clinician in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.  I received an email saying that I needed to interview Jason.  There are a lot of very talented horse trainers out there and many of them don’t get the attention they deserve.  I think Jason is one of them.  Jason and I spoke on the phone and I discovered that last year they invited him to the big Equine Affaire Shows on the east coast.  The Western States Horse Expo scheduled him to present in June.  Of course, everyone’s 2020 schedule got thrown into the tumbler.  Jason, along with his wife Bronwyn, hold horsemanship clinics throughout the year.  

Jason Irwin's love affair with horses began with his Dad at their horse and livestock, NorthStar Livestock.  It was there he learned how to pick up horses in the States, bring them home to Canada, train, then sell them.  Jason developed his eye for a horse pretty enough to catch your eye and willing enough to accept training.  Jason worked with hundreds of horses.  He learned from books, tapes, and practical experience.  As Jason put it, "I could read about a technique in one of the horse magazines and take it out the next day and try it on 10 different horses.  You find out quick what works and what doesn't."

Links heard on the show:

Jason & Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship

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Jason Irwin's family ranch: NorthStar Livestock

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Episode #171

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