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Feb 23, 2021

Horse Stories with Joanne Galbraith

Joanne Galbraith

Joanne Galbraith is still going strong at age 82. Of course, you would guess that's she has been around horses all her life. She worked at feedlots and ranches and held her own with men. She passed along a love of horses to her kids. And she loves competing. Joanne rides in Gymkana events on her good horse, Ricky.

I first met Joanne several years ago when I was looking for a horse. While I didn't purchase a horse from her, I could tell she had a trained eye for horseflesh. Her End of the Road Ranch hosted an Obstacle/Trail Trial Playdays. When I need an arena to train my mustang, Scratch, Joanne offered hers. There I met her husband, Dale, an excellent horseman and an even better storyteller. On a couple of visits, Dale told me stories of working on ranches as a young boy after his parents died in a house fire. Sadly, I never got to interview Dale for the podcast.

Return to End of The Road

Last year I competed in several Ranch Riding shows at the End of the Road Ranch and rekindled my friendship with Joanne Galbraith. Her energy is endless. Her enthusiasm for horses and competing never fades. She possesses a lifetime of stories working in the horse industry, and I wanted to record a few. Joanne sat down with Ranae and me on a picnic table on the edge of the ranch's trail course.

Joanne Galbraith Trailer Sales and Horse Hotel

Equipped with several covered stalls, Joanne's ranch is a pleasant spot for overnight travelers. It's out in the country enough to be quiet, but close enough to the two major highways through town. Joanne also handles horse trailer sales and can help you find the perfect trailer for your needs.

Google info on Galbraith Trailers and Horse Hotel

Galbraith Trailers on Facebook


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