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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Nov 26, 2019

Jonathan Field Horsemanship Revisits

jonathan field

I first interviewed Jonathan Field over four years ago.  Earlier this year I had heard he performed a TEDex talk in San Juan.  It was one of those deals where you tell yourself, "I've got to listen to that sometime."  Time kept getting away from me and I put it off a couple of times.  Finally, I had some extra time and did a Google search and found it.  It was an inspiring talk,  You can listen to it here:  Jonathan Field Finding Your Sweet Spot in Life.

Jonathan Fields holds clinics all across the country and just released his 2020 schedule.  There are five different levels of Jonathan's courses and I wanted to learn about the difference between.  Through this conversation, we learn what's important about Jonathan Field Horsemanship.  He talks about philosophy and provides insight on what he focuses on during the camps and clinics.

Of course, it wouldn't be a conversation with a trainer if I didn't ask for some free advice.  Jonathan gives us some exercises we can do with our horses over the colder months to build our relationship with our horses.  It's very simple.  If it's too cold to get out and work their body, you can always work their mind.  Jonathan offers some simple ways to accomplish this.  And, talking about free stuff, Jonathan Field has a program he calls 31 in 13.  If you sign up for this free program, you get 31 free videos over 13 months.  They are 3-4 minute videos that talk about different training bits,  It's a great way to build your horsemanship skills.

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Episode #160

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