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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Mar 11, 2014

Justin Mundt Horsemanship

Episode #018

Justin Mundt of Justin Mundt Horsemanship joins us to talk about horsemanship.  Justin got hist first horse at age twelve.  Justin talks about the hard knocks he went through and how he developed Justin Mundt Horsemanship as a way to help people build a good foundation for their horse so they can move on to another disipline.  Justin talks about his background in martial arts and how it helped him not only in his life, but his work with horses.  We go on to talk about Justin's clinics and demonstrations.

Justin Mundt Horsemanship "No Shenanigans" horse training aims to get real, lasting results for his clients.  Based on a set of  11 Laws of Horsemanship, Justin breaks down each step of the training process in a very simple, easy-to-understand, way.  Later in the show we talk about Justin's personal horse, Vegas and the where they will be in 2014.  Justin will be the main exhibitor at Horse-O-Rama in Wisconsin in May.  Justin is also available for clinics and private lessons.  Check out Justin Mundt Horsemanship for more details.  And, be sure to check out Justin Mundt Horsemanship Facebook page.You can also get a hold of Justin by phone - (608) 354-5371 or email .  And, if you want to see Justin in action, visit Justin Mundt Horsemanship on YouTube

I apologize for the less than perfect sound quality.  I'm not sure what happened.  Everything sounded great to me and I assure you Justin was calling me from an echo chamber.  Justin said he would love to come back on the show and deal with your specific issues.  I am working on a way to ad voice comments to the site, but until then you can leave your questions by calling 661-368-5530 or by emailing me at

Now for a Little Fun

Justin Mundt Horsemanship
My Best Friend ~ Max

Justin Mundt HorsemanshipCourtney over at the Xtrascoop has been a friend of the show since it started.  She's always offered creative ideas and encouragement and we really appreciate it.  The Xtra Scoop is your source for Karbo Combo+ and all Karbo products.  Courtney likes to have fun, too.  We came up with a little game.  Hidden in this podcast is a "word of the cast".  I'm not going to tell you what it is.  You have to listen.  Once you find it, email it to Include your name and address, and if your name is chosen, she will send you a one pound container FREE!  We'll run this contest over two podcasts and pick the winner at the end of February.  Here's your chance to try Karbo Combo+ on your animals.  We give it to our horses and dogs and I really believe it makes a difference.  Max will be 13 in May and he is still going strong.  But, if you want to find out more, I suggest you give a listen to our podcast with Dr. Smith, the formulator of Karbo Combo+.  This remains one of our most popular podcasts even a year and a half after it was first released.  (It was so long ago,  we still were called the DUH Podcast)  Find Dr. Smith's podcast here.

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