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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Aug 29, 2017

Kalley Krickeberg Versatile Horsewoman

Kalley Krickeberg

Kalley Krickeberg was raised on a cattle farm in Illinois.  From using the horses on the farm, she moved up to riding and training OTTB in playing polo.  As a farm girl, Kalley was active in 4H before moving on to other disciplines.  Kalley rode dressage, jumping, and reining.  She also trained and rode horses in cutting and learned how to train a horse at liberty.

Kalley Krickeberg calls her program the "Balanced Horse Training".  She brings what she has learned from the many disciplines she has studied together to build a solid horsemanship program.  Because of her variety of experience, Kalley is not "locked in" to one set of rules or mantra and can look for the solution that best fits the horse.

Horsemanship Tip

Increasing the Degrees of Difficulty

According to Kalley, there are four ways to increase the degrees of difficulty:  Position, Length of Time in Position, Speed, and Environment.  Kalley explains how to use the ways to improve your horse.

As a Contributing Editor & Equine Advisor to the APHA magazine, Chrome, Kalley provides advice in her column "Keepin It Fresh".

You can follow Kalley Krickeberg on Facebook at Kalley Krickeberg Training Barn and at her website

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