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Aug 8, 2017

Lester Buckley - Horsetrainer, Clinician, Breeder

Lester Buckley was not a trainer I was familiar with. Listener Robin Kane has been helping out getting guests for the show and she is hosting a clinic with Lester Buckley in Willits, Ca. at Berry Creek Ranch, August 18 - 20.  It's great to learn from every trainer, and I wanted to find out Lester's story.

We got a hold of Lester via Skype while he was waiting on a load of hay to arrive.  Lester lives in Kentucky and, boy, does he have a story to tell.  Lester worked on the King and Parker ranches.  One is in Texas, the other in Hawaii.  Both are very large cattle operations.  Lester gained a great deal of experience from riding on these to ranches and he talks about it on the show.

Lester attributes a lot of his early experience to riding horses at the ranch of Delwin Burch, cutting horse trainer and breeder.  The experience he gained there led him to learn more from Ray Hunt.  After earning a degree in equine science from Sul Ross State University in Texas he began working and training horses.  Lester also competed in cutting and captured the Reserve World Champion APHA Open Superstakes.

Wanting to learn more about classical horsemanship and precision movement, Lester Buckley turned to the German Equestrian School where he learned from some of the top trainers in Europe.

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