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Aug 24, 2021

Listener Stories and Paso Finos

paso Fino

After listening to my podcast about the health issues I had with my Quarter Horse mare, Jessie, Vicky Gormanly emailed me to tell me about her Paso Fino, River. We talked about her search for the right horse. Vicky wanted a Paso Fino and, after a long search thought she had found the perfect horse for her. The mare came from a reputable stable, RY Farms. She had ridden the horse, then had her vetted. A friend helped her transport River to her new home at Happy Trails Farms in Danbury, CT.  On Vicky's first ride at the new stable, River showed up lame. This began an odyssey of vet visits and tough decisions.

If you own a horse, you're going to have situations like this. Vicky was generous to tell us her story and how she came to make the choices she did. Thankfully, Vicky had a trusted friend at her barn, a reputable seller, and a good vet. Today, River and Vicky are happy trail riding the Connecticut/New York area.

More About Paso Finos

The story pique my interest in gaited horses. Were gaited horses trained that way? What were their origins? I connected with Roey Yaloz of RY Farms. They specialize in Paso Fino horses. Roey told be about the origins of the Paso and why their "gait" is the easiest way for them to move. Roey also covered the three categories of the breed and some of their personality traits.

Links heard in this Episode

Happy Trails Farms in Danbury, CT on Facebook

RY Farms on Facebook

Website for RY Farms (Roey Yaloz)

Paso Fino Horse Association

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Episode #190

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