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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Dec 13, 2022

Madison Seamans

Madison Seamans Cowboy Poet Veterinarian

Dr. Madison Seamans is one of those rare individuals you can't help but like for the moment you meet him. Then, the longer you are around him, the more you figure out how smart he is. It's a rare find in today's world.

Dr. Seamans has been practicing vet medicine four nearly four decades. You see a lot of "stuff" in that time, some you just can't help but learn from. He squeezes everything out of those experiences. Part of it is use in his veterinary practice, sharing his knowledge with other, Some he sprinkles throughout his writing and cowboy poetry. And, for those with a visual bent, he saves some for his art.

This is a very easygoing conversation about some of the new information coming from the annual meeting of the American Association of Equine Practitioner conference. Staying current on equine medicine is a tough challenge. So much new information comes out every year. And, we find out Dr. Seamans knows our local vet, Dr. John Tolley.

Madison Seamans

This year, Madison Seamans gets his first book, "Never Trust a Sneaky Pony", published by Trafalgar Square Books. In this book, you'll learn a little bit about horse medicine, but mostly he'll entertain you with the stories.

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