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Dec 5, 2017

Magen Warlick Horsewoman EXCA Champion

Magen warlick

I first learned of Magen Warlick when I was a member of Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship No Worries Club (NWC).  Clinton has an Academy that trains horsemen and women in his Downunder Horsemanship Method.  It's a tough deal and only a few make it to the end.  Magen was one of those few.  After nearly 10 years as an NWC member, I dropped out and lost track of many of the Downunder folks.

Earlier this year, if you've been following along the podcast, Ranae and I participated in several California Extreme Cowboy Race Events.  We met a lot of nice folks and a few we competed with made it to the National Finals in Texas.  As we followed along with that event online, we noticed Magen Warlick's name in the Futurity and Professional Division.  It was a grueling week of competition and Magen came out on top.

Because of our interest in EXCA I wanted to have Magen Warlick on the show to talk about her experience.  I also wanted to know if she could give us a few tips on how to better compete with our horses.  She came through on both counts.

Links to Magen Warlick

Magen Warlick Horsemanship on Facebook

Magen Warlick Website

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