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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Sep 12, 2017

Matt Sheridan Norco Horse Affair 2017

We welcome Matt Sheridan to his third visit to the show.  Matt is a 5th generation horseman and knows his stuff.  As part of the Norco Horse Affair 2017, Matt is presenting several topics to horsemen attending the event.  On this show, he discusses the moving the horse from the hackamore to the bridle and the challenges trainers will face.  Matt is also planning a session on "Bits and Biting", explaining the different mouthpieces and how the horse is expected to respond to them.

As a special treat, there will be a basic Ranch Roping segment hosted by Matt.  People will get the opportunity to pick up some tips to improve their Ranch Roping.

For those who show, Matt offers some tips on how to impress the judges.  Matt has held his judges' card for years.  He is an experienced showman.  Because he has been on both sides in the show ring - competitor and judge - his insights carry extra weight in helping you become a better showman.

Ask the Trainer

Matt participates in our first Ask the Trainer segment by answering a question sent to us by Bobby Chastain.  If you have a question for a trainer, send it to

Links Heard on the Show

Matt Sheridan's Website

Matt Sheridan Performance Horsemanship Facebook Page

King Feeds

Norco Horse Affair 2017

Best Horse Practices Summit

Horse Summit

Ranae and I are headed to Durango in October for the Best Horse Practices Summit.  This intimate horse expo brings together experts from all aspects of horse behavior and is sure to add to our horse knowledge.  The BHP Summit is limiting attendance to 200 people ensuring everyone gets the focus and attention they need.  We are looking to take away valuable horsemanship tools from the Summit and hope to meet you there.  You can register here.


Tell Us Your Problems

Have a problem with your horse?  Do you have a favorite trainer you would like to hear from?  Send us your question and the name of your favorite trainer and we'll see if we can contact them and get you an answer.  Email or call on our message line (661) 368-5530 (toll charges may apply).