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Mar 9, 2021

Michelle Gilles Promoting Women and Horses

Michelle Gilles

Michelle Gilles, horsewoman and trainer, knows women are the backbone of the horse industry. Based in the Central Valley of California, Michelle trains horses, holds clinics, and shows in reined cow horse. Growing up with horses, Michelle trained under some very impressive trainers including Les Vogt, Charles Wilhelm, and John Ward. She's learned not only about horses, but the business side of being a horse trainer.

Michelle and I met back in 2015 during the Vaquero Heritage Trainers Challenge. Our paths crossed again last year when I began showing in Ranch Riding shows. We've been trying to get together for an interview and finally found time in our schedules.

Two programs Michelle created are  designed especially for women. Her "Ride Like a Girl - The Original" Facebook Group helps women getting back into horses, women with confidence issues, or women needing to improve their relationship with their horse. By holding clinics and training session, Michelle helps these women (and men too) expand their horsemanship.

The Real American Cowgirl Project

Michelle Gilles wants to put a spotlight on women working in the horse industry. They could be photographers, professional riders, working cowgirls, or women who represent the true American Cowgirl ethic. By promoting excellent role models, Michelle believes the horse world will attract more girls.

Links To Michelle Gilles

Michelle's Website

"Ride Like a Girl - The Original" Facebook Group

Michelle's Facebook Page

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