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Jul 26, 2022

New Bakersfield College Rodeo Team Formed

Bakersfield College Rodeo

You'd think as big as an agricultural, beef-producing county as Kern is, there would be rodeos all the time. And, in reality, there are. We've got the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association producing bull riding, youth, and PRCA rodeos. There's the Glenville Rodeo and the Sheriff's Posse Rodeo. We have a Bakersfield Youth Rodeo Club. But, with all that, there was no community college rodeo. That is until adjunct professor, Andrea Prise, formed the Bakersfield college Rodeo Team.

If you've listened much to the podcast, you already know I am one of the least knowledgeable people when it comes to rodeo. But, I wanted to learn more, and I've attended many classes at Bakersfield College over the years (a story for another time). I tracked down Andrea and the Bakersfield College Rodeo Team President, Chloe Griffiths for a chat. We met in a study room at BC and had a great time talking rodeo.

Andrea and Chloe told me that support for the rodeo team was impressive. She's getting help from a local stock contractor, Tinoco Bulls, and the Funny Farm. She's also gotten a good response outside the ag industry with a local plumbing contractor, HPS Plumbing, providing the team with jackets to make them feel like real professionals.

Andrea talked about how valuable it can be for youth riders to compete at the college level. Not only can they hone their skills and get valuable experience, but they get an education too. Chloe is a perfect example. She was going to move away to find a college to rodeo at until she learned about the Bakersfield College Rodeo Team.

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