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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Sep 6, 2013

The US National Campdraft Association's first clinic and sanctioned competition is in the books and The Whoa Podcast about Horses and Horsemanship was there to cover it!  We grabbed our cameras and microphones and headed to Kiowa, Colorado under the sponsorship of the Australian Stock Horse Society.  The Australian Stock Horse is a relatively need registry here in the States, but the owners that have them brought them to Kiowa. 


We speak first with Australian Campdraft Professionals and Clinicians Pete Comiskey and Steven Hart.  Then we get a real feel for the event by interviewing the particpants of the event.  And, because there were so many Aussie saddles there, I found a saddle maker, James Root, to tell me about his custom made saddles.

We would also like to thank the folks who took time to talk with us:  John Thomson, Kiki Pantaze, Paul Johnson, kellee Campbell, Linda Hingst, Blake Hingst, Tony Navarra, and James Roots.




John & Ranae


Links for the show:

Our Youtube Video about the event

US National Campdraft Association

Professional Clinician and Campdrafter Pete Comiskey

Professionial Clinician and Campdrafter Steven Hart

Australian Stock Horse Society

Paul Johnson Polocrosse

James Roots Saddlery