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Aug 9, 2022

new veterinarian

The Importance of a New Veterinarian

How important is a newly graduated veterinarian to an established practice?I worked as a animal care technician in the 1970s and was lucky to see a few new grads added to the practices I worked at. They always brought a new energy to the practice, not to mention new styles and techniques. The established doctors gave them the experience of working outside an academic environment in exchange for the latest in veterinary practice. It is a great deal for both sides.

The Golden Triangle of people important to your horse’s welfare are your veterinarian, farrier, and trainer. It’s essential you choose each one of these with care and consideration. I look for an experienced and knowledgeable veterinarian. I also wanted someone who offers more than one line of treatment when available. Last, I want a vet who understands the age and value of our horses and how we use‌ them, and adjust treatment options to fit our specific needs. Veterinary knowledge and diagnostic technology are advancing in leaps and bounds. Staying current with that knowledge not only helps your horse live a healthier life, but helps you when deciding on your horse’s care.

The three-man practice at Bakersfield Large Animal Hospital is a well-rounded team of professionals. They are plain-spoken, easy to understand, and stay current on the latest innovations in veterinary medicine. Dr. Tolley, Dr. Gonzalez, and Dr. Ordonez possess all the outstanding qualities I believe make for a good veterinarian.

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