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Feb 4, 2020

TJ Clibborn Horseman, All-Around Trainer, Mustang Makeover Competitor

TJ ClibbornI received an email from listener Mercedes Tucker who told me how much TJ Clibborn helped her with her mustang Bud.  She said he was a good guy, knew his stuff, and thought he would make a great guest. She was right.

TJ Clibborn has been working with horses for 40 years.  He lives in Wisconsin and operating his business called A True Partnership.  In 2009, he teamed up with the Mustang Heritage Foundation and since then has competed in 15 Extreme Mustang Makeover training challenges. He has trained 13 top ten finalists, one reserve champion and one grand champion. He has also trained champions in disciplines of jumping, cutting and western pleasure.

I caught up with TJ right after he finished with his horses on a snowy morning at his ranch in Deerfield.  Sometimes you can get a feel for a trainer by how easy and comfortable they are to talk to. TJ is one of those people generous with both his time and his knowledge.

We cover a Wide Variety of Topics

With four decades of experience, TJ Clibborn, can talk on any horse topic.  We cover the Jeffrey Method, a style of horse training from Australia.  TJ saw Kel Jeffrey gentle a horse when he was a boy and knew he wanted to train horses.

Most trainers will tell you they learn the most from their most difficult horses.  So, I asked TJ about his.  He went on at length describing the horse, his problems and things he would do different.  Then, we talk about trail trials and  training.  Lastly, TJ offers a bit of advice for our listeners.

Links For TJ Clibborn

TJ's Facebook Page
A True Partnership Website

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Episode #163

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