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Mar 18, 2014

Tommie Turvey Equine Extremist

Tommie TurveyIt was a good day in Bakersfield when I received a return email from Tommie Turvey saying he would be on the show.  My email caught up to Tommie at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo.  We scheduled a time we could connect once he returned home to Summerville, Georgia.  I called him at 6 am, it was 9 am Georgia time, and Tommie Turvey was in his office managing his Liberty Horse Ranch and working on the Facebook page for his Mustang Blade. (Click on the link and it will take right to Blade's page to give it a "Like".  You can also check out PokerJoe's Facebook Page).  You may have seen Tommie's YouTube video - it's had over 4 million views.  If you have ever seen Tommie on TV or at one of his shows, you know Tommie is not only a very good rider, he is an excellent trainer.  He is an even better interview with all the stories he has to tell. Tommie shares some tales from his early years on today's show.

Tommie TurveyWorking in the entertainment business has given Tommie Turvey a wide range of knowledge about horses and people.  Sure he can ride, but he performs stunts from the back of a horse that will make you shake your head in wonder.  (Sometimes, he's not even on the back of the horse) I knew we would get into training tips and styles, but I really wanted to know how Tommie Turvey got to the level he is today.  We go through his early years and the time he spent at Medieval Times in Florida and Arabian Nights Dinner Theater in Florida where he talks about learning to trick ride and performing in front of an audience.  We even hear the tale of Tommie's adventure in Paris with the Disney Wild West Show.

We touch on a number of different topics, such as training dogs and cats.  Then we find out a few things he has planned for 2014.  He is hosting an Open House at his Ranch and he will be at Equine Affaire Ohio.  I think you will really enjoy this interview with Tommie Turvey.

Ride Off Into The Sunset

A new feature on the Whoa Podcast, my Ride Off Into the Sunset. Here's where I'll editorialize a bit about topics important to me.  This week I talk about podcasts. One podcast in particular that has influenced me, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.

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