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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Nov 4, 2014

Vaquero Heritage Trainer Challenge Podcast

You've heard the pre-show episode.  You've seen the video.  Now, you get to hear the in-depth interviews with the folks from the Vaquero Heritage Trainer Challenge.  Each trainer had a horse in training for 3-4 months.  Then, during the event, they had a young horse to work with.

We speak to Diana Palmer, care-taker of the Wild Horses of Oak Creek and learn more about the horses and their history - or what's known about them.

Dave Lemley, rides with the Search and Rescue civilian side of the LAPD.  As a trainer, we catch up it Dave right after leaving his young horse on Day 1.  Dave talks about his goals in horse training and how he accomplished them.  Next up is Amber McGee, a local gal new to horse training.  Amber is involved in The Life Savers Wild Horse Rescue in Tehachapi.  she talks about what is like learning her craft and working with feral horses.  She also credits Whoa Podcast friend and trainer Matt Sheridan with helping her learn so much about horsemanship.

Monica Whitmer was not sure she would fit in.  She is an English rider and performs Dressage.  After consulting with the organizers, she decided to put her skills to the test.  Monica loves these feral Oak Creek horses.  She calls them Tehachapi Mountain Horses.  Monica tells us her plans of training one or two of these horses every year.

Steve Perron works in the movie business but his heart is with the feral horse.  Steve also volunteers with Life Savers Wild Horse Rescue.  A tinkerer at heart, Steve builds horse carriages out of PVC and hooks up young horses.  He feels it is important to get these horses used to whatever may come their way.

Dave Wratchford has been training horses for twenty years.  Originally from the east coast, Dave now lives out west.  Dave talks about the horse get a job and doing it right away.  Dave came into the long side of the competition late.  He quickly caught up and had his horse working on cattle.

We also have a conversation with judge Jeff Ohaco from Ojai.  He offers some insight into how the event was judged.  He also gives us his thoughts on this type of training.

Maryanne Murray came to watch the event.  After sitting in the stands for three days watching the training, she could not resist.  During the auction she bid on and won a Oak Creek horse.

Finally, we catch back up with Jeremy Dunn who gives some final thoughts on the trainers and the events.

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Episode #037