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Dec 12, 2017

Vicki Wilson New Zealand Horsewoman

vicki wilson

Vicki Wilson was invited to the all-woman 2017 Road to the Horse Championship.  An establish show jumper and an accomplished horsewoman in her home country, Vicki Wilson always seems to be looking for a new challenge.  The RTTH competition pits horsemen and women against unbroken colts and judges how much they can accomplish in three days.  Traveling from New Zealand, Vicki was determined to showcase her horsemanship skills.  The horse she chose, "Kentucky", moved suddenly as she dismounted the first day.  The quick move triggered an old injury and Vicki's shoulder dislocated.  Any good competitor relies on good physio and pure adrenaline to get them through a competition.

Vicki Wilson continued the competition and went on to win the championship.  More importantly, she will be traveling back to the US to compete at the 2018 Road to the Horse.

A Horse Needs to Feel Good To Perform Good

In looking at the YouTube videos of the RTTH we came across the bodywork clinic Vicki demonstrated and were amazed at the difference she could make in two horses in a very short time.  Vicki told us that a good horse doesn't simply wake up one day and decide to do something bad.  There is usually a cause of the problem.  Her "Sore Horse" presentation really opened our eyes.  Give it a look:


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