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Oct 27, 2020

What an Extension Agent Can Do For You

extension agent

Local extension agents have many names.  Some locales call them farm advisors, some cooperative extension agents. Whatever your county may title them, they are a free source of valuable knowledge.

When I wanted to perform a hay analysis on a load of hay I bought for our horses, I needed a hay probe.  When I looked on Amazon, hay probes were priced over $150. That made the whole exercise way too expensive.  I reached out to my extension agent, Julie Finzel, and she said, "Sure, I can help."  Julie located a hay probe from another farm advisor, picked it up, and delivered it to my house.  We chatted while I took my samples, and her range of knowledge about livestock and farming amazed me.

When I asked Julie for a sit-down interview to talk about pests and livestock, especially horses, she was accommodating.  What do you do if you have mice getting in your feed?  Squirrels can be a big problem in many areas. Is a skunk a health danger?  I asked Julie about these and many other varmints, and she was very informative.

The real takeaway from this podcast, however, is how much helpful information you can glean from your extension agent.  Most counties across the US have them, I believe, and their advice is always free.  If you're struggling with a livestock or farm problem, check out your local farm or extension agent.  And, even if you don't have a specific problem, Julie's Face Page is loaded with terrific articles.

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