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Nov 28, 2017

Wreck at Trout Creek The Story of Skeeter and Bill

Bill Mooney Trout Creek

The Wreck at Trout Creek with Skeeter and Bill by Bill Mooney.

Bill Mooney buckaroo'd on the Spanish Ranch for 4 years, I believe, in the 1970's.  The Spanish Ranch, part of the Ellison, was a big outfit, running to a million and a half acres.  Being a buckaroo can be tough work.  You ride many different horses and there is a wide variety of work to do.  Most days are spent horseback.  As a matter of fact, Bill once wrote that he mounted a horse 320 days one year.  To learn more about Bill's career as a cowboy, listen to our first podcast with him.

As with many cowboys, there is a favorite horse, or a favorite story, or even a favorite boss.  Bill Mooney had all these and a whole lot more.  In the episode of Tales from the Moon Man (My nickname for this series - I just made it up right now.  Pretty quick aren't I?), Bill tells the story of the Wreck at Trout Creek with Skeeter and Bill.

Long-time listeners will notice I've added a little music for dramatic effect.  It would be great to have your input on how you feel it adds or detracts from the story.

If you enjoyed this story and want to read more from Bill Mooney, follow him on Facebook.  I guarantee it's a good read.

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