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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Feb 25, 2014

Texas Campdraft

Campdrafting Comes to Texas ~ Episode #016

Horse and riders are getting the campdrafting USA fever.  Last summer's campdraft in Kiowa, Colorado was so popular that new associations are forming to promote campdrafting in the States.  On Today's podcast we chat with Dr. Kellee Campbell, a small animal...

Feb 18, 2014

Rick Lamb of The Horse Show

Rick Lamb The Horse Show

Episode #015

On today's show, Rick Lamb, host of The Horse Show radio and TV programs stops by and we chat about his life with horses.  Rick Lamb is an example of someone loving horses and working to make a life out of it.   I believe one of the reasons Rick Lamb is so popular is because he...

Feb 11, 2014

Wild Mustangs with Alan Day


On today‚Äôs program we speak with Alan Day a rancher from Arizona who back in 1988 started a wild mustang government subsidized sanctuary in South Dakota.  Alan cared for 1500 horses on 35,000 acres.  It was the first project of its kind and there was much to learn.  Mr. Day had run...