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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Dec 20, 2016

Ernest Forsberg

Ernest ForsbergErnest Forsberg has spent his life around horses.  He is a calf roper, team roper, farrier, and storyteller.  When Ernest Forsberg told his uncle he wanted to be a calf roper, his uncle challenged him to rope 100 cows a day.  At age 12, Ernest accepted the challenge.  Growing up in Southern California...

Nov 29, 2016

Emporium Western Store
The early days at the Emporium.

Emporium Western Store

On today’s show, we talk to someone in our own backyard, Bakersfield California.  Stephen Goldwater’s Emporium Western Store has been a downtown fixture for over 100 years.

While it’s not exactly certain who initially established the store in 1909 -...

Sep 8, 2016

Bobby Kerr, The Mustang Man

bobby kerrHave you  seen Bobby Kerr at a rodeo?  The events at a rodeo happen fast.  From bull riding to team roping, from barrel racing to the saddle broncs.  Because everything happens in the blink of an eye, it’s a tradition at many rodeos to break up the intensity with entertainment.  That’s...

Feb 23, 2016

Horse Expo Pomona

Horse Expo pomonaOn the road again.  This time we head out to Horse Expo Pomona for the three-day event held on Super Bowl Weekend.  Horse Expo Pomona had a fantastic lineup of Clinicians including Clinton Anderson, Jonathan Field, Pat Parelli, Craig Cameron, Warwick Schiller, Brandi Lyons, Mary Kitzmiller and many...

Feb 16, 2016

FJ Thomas, Horsewoman, Author, Entrepreneur

FJ Thomas

I've never met FJ Thomas in person.  Our mutual interest in horses and writing brought us together on the internet.   From the moment our Twitter feeds crossed I knew FJ Thomas was cowgirl I would enjoy meeting one day.  FJ has a "motor".  She's going all the time.  As owner...