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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

May 20, 2014

Charles Wilhelm Ultimate Super Horse Challenge

Episode #026

Charles WilhelmCharles Wilhelm has always believed in a versatile horse.  A horse should be strong in the ring, but also quiet enough to go on a trail ride.  A horse safe enough for your child to ride.  A horse that can play with cows and is comfortable with a rope.  A horse that will not spook if your hat gets blown off.  A horse that you can enjoy in the roping arena or on a parade.

Charles Wilhelm believes in a balance and responsive horse.  Charles believes the horse should be able to pick up the correct lead easily. Charles Wilhelm training improves the rider as well by helping the rider become more balance and responsive to the horse.  Charles Wilhelm Training clinics are fun and informative.

Charles WilhelmNow, Charles Wilhelm has developed a competition where riders can put their skills to the test.  This year at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento. The event will take place over three days and each day there is an elimination.

Charles Wilhelm knows what he's talking about.  He's written for many of the horse magazines, has a book, Building Your Dream Horse, and has a show on HRTV.


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