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May 21, 2019

Coming Back To Horses

Coming Back To Horses 

Women are coming back to horses after raising a family.  There is a lot of life left after your children leave the nest.  Many people use these "Golden Years" to follow their dreams of once again owning a horse.

Long-time listener Susan Hoskins raised eight children.  As they gradually left home to lead their own lives, Susan saw the writing on the wall.  She would need something to fill the void - both of time and passion - that her family left behind.  Coming back to horses is a dream come true.


But, things are always easier the second time around.  Mother Nature imposes some physical restrictions on the second half century of life.  While it was not always easy, Susan overcame many of those challenges.  She shares her tips on this episode.

Susan's Suggestions if You're Coming Back to Horses

 Susan sent me a great email with many of the items we talked about on the show.  She added this note:  "I am not associated with these companies / organizations, except that I have purchased some of them."
~ Booma Rein  -
I use this and am weaning off of it.   The owner of this little business started it because she witnessed or knew of a rider that died from an accident involving a horse at high speed that dropped the reins while barrel racing.
~ Horse Holster -
NOW I wear my phone on my person!   ha ha   I can still hear my trainer laughing about this with that “told ya” tone about her!   UGH
~ Landsafe -
This company sells safety equipment.   They also travel around doing clinics on “How to Fall”.   They teach you using a horse simulator with giant, thick mats.  This equips you to fall in a way that potentially minimizes injury.   Also builds confidence from fear of falling.   With  practice you develop muscle memory.
~ Pre twisted / swivel stirrups are a great idea for those with knee-replacement.   Or just knee problems.
~ Cushioned saddles can encourage more time in the saddle.

Join Us on this Journey

I'm not the best community builder.  I will need your help for that.  I'm not the best at conversation. Let's change it up together.  I hope you will join me.

You are a big part of why we do this podcast.  We really love getting your feedback.  Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the show.  You can email us at

Thanks for listening,

John & Ranae

Episode #143

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