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Jan 6, 2015

Earn Your Spurs with Alyssa Barnes

webheadunleashAlyssa Barnes is a Montana cowgirl who has a mission to help you find your "Inner Cowboy".  She founded the Earn Your Spurs website to share all things cowboy and Western.  Earn Your Spurs has grown so much, Alyssa has branched out to podcasting.  The Earn Your Spurs podcast has had many great guests and is growing fast.  From movie stars like Alex Cord to magazine writer Lori O'Harver covering the National Finals Rodeo, the Earn Your Spurs podcast is entertaining and informative.  I particularly enjoyed the episode with rodeo clown JJ Harrison.  Growing up the daughter of a horse trainer, Alyssa was exposed to horses from an early age.  And, she has had an opportunity to meet many people in the horse world.  Her interview style is light and conversational, and with the long format of the Earn Your Spurs podcast, Alyssa is able to get some great stories out of her guests.

Earn Your SpursNow Alyssa is expanding the Earn Your Spurs podcast to add a new twist.  Her latest project is Cowboy Q & A.  If you have a question about cowboys, horses, fashion, really anything at all, you can ask your questions and Alyssa will provide you with the perfect answer.

The Earn Your Spurs podcast is available in iTunes and Stitcher and I hope you give it a listen.  I know you will enjoy it.


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Episode #043