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Nov 24, 2020

Equine Nutrition With Will Friday

equine nutrition

Equine nutrition is a complicated subject, so I went out and found someone who has been studying it for quite some time.Will Friday has been on the show before talking about the Masterson Method, a blend of massage and chiropractic.  Will works on some very expensive performance horses.  As part of his program, he has taught himself the ins-and-outs of equine nutrition.  I've been working my horse, Scratch, pretty hard as we prep for Ranch Riding shows.  I'm using Scratch, because my 20-year-old mare, Jessie, has had some lameness issues.  I invited Will Friday up to Bakersfield to talk about nutrition and see if the Masterson Method help my mare.

As it turned out, we spent the day together.  Will spent about 2 hours adjusting Jessie.  The Masterson Method is fascinating.  You can see the horses release tension right before your eyes.  Will began with an assessment, then methodically worked from nose to tail, adjusting every part of that horse.  When he finished with Jessie, he did the same with Scratch.  The difference between the two horses was fascinating.  Each horse had different areas where they stored tension.  Will worked his hands all over Scratch.  Both horses seemed to love the attention.

Equine Nutrition

Once we finished, we headed to the house and sat down to discuss the horses' nutritional needs.  Will, you might remember, was the one who recommended we get a hay analysis.  Will plugged the data from the hay analysis into an equine nutrition program.  Instantly we had information on where our program was strong and where we had holes.  Will recommended two products: Wild Gold Camelina Oil and Custom Equine Vermont Blend.  Our horses began the supplements October 15, 2020 and I eager to see the results these products bring.

Links for Will Friday's Equine Nutrition

If you want these products for your horse, check out Will's Website.  Use the promo code "WHOA" and get free shipping in the continental US.


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